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Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief at Seim Chiropractic and Wellness

For those suffering from neck and shoulder pain, it can prevent us from moving through our daily living activities with ease. Movement like reaching for items on a shelf, holding our kids and grandkids, or even backing out of the driveway can seem insurmountable.

It also stops us short from enjoying our hobbies, like golf or pickleball, or crafts and quilting, negatively impacting our quality of life.

The two symptoms go hand in hand in pinpointing underlying spinal misalignments or other musculoskeletal problems in the region. Through chiropractic care at Seim Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Eric Seim will pinpoint where the underlying cause of your symptoms exists, then work to create a comprehensive treatment plan that will likely include a combination of adjustments, home care, exercises, and physical therapy-style approaches.

Getting to the Root Cause of Your Pain

Our lifestyles can greatly impact how we feel throughout our neck and shoulder region. Unfortunately, many of us sit all day for our careers, whether in an office or on the road. We’re also constantly flexing while on our phones, watching TV, and driving as we hold a bent-over or seated posture.

When it comes to the shoulders, pain can result from impingements, which occur when the rotator cuff tendon rubs or catches on the bone as it passes through the subacromial space when you lift your arm. It can also be caused by biceps tendinitis. Once weakness appears in the shoulder region and becomes irritated and inflamed, it can be a tough cycle to break.

Hope Through a Holistic Approach

However, there is hope through chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue treatments, at-home exercises, and care. They work to correct these issues and return movement and health to the parts of the body that are restricted. In addition to regular adjustment techniques, Dr. Eric will commonly adjust your extremities, including your hands, feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows.

He may also recommend cupping, scraping, and myofascial release therapy while coaching patients on approaches they can use at home.

Take Back Your Health Today

Neck and shoulder pain can interrupt our lives, preventing us from all the activities we love to do. You don’t need to live with this pain, and chiropractic is the key to unlocking improved health and wellness in a holistic way. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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