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Headache & Migraine Relief at Seim Chiropractic and Wellness

An occasional headache or migraine can be easily addressed by taking an OTC pain reliever, and we can quickly return to living our lives. But headaches and migraines can become a recurring nightmare for so many when the underlying cause stems from imbalances in the soft tissues or misalignments in the neck, known as cervicogenic headaches.

Those of us with poor posture, who work long hours in a seated position, or who have limited mobility throughout the day can be prone to this kind of headache. To combat this, chiropractic adjustments at Seim Chiropractic and Wellness return mobility to the joints in the spine, remove the interference it’s causing your nervous system, and increase the support to the surrounding tissues.

As normal function is returned to the neck area, patients experience fewer and less severe headaches and migraines.

Targeted Adjustment Techniques for Symptom Relief

Similar to how a patient with back pain is adjusted, chiropractor Dr. Eric will use chiropractic approaches to help your neck joints regain motion while stabilizing and strengthening where necessary and correcting ergonomic and positional changes suited to the patient’s needs.

The Diversified Technique is the most commonly used adjustment style for patients with headaches and migraines. It’s a hands-on approach that allows Dr. Eric to adjust your spinal bones into the proper position manually.

When identifying misaligned spinal bones, he uses a gentle but effective manual thrust to correct the positioning based on his thorough understanding of spinal mechanics. A slight “popping” sound from the shifting of gas and fluids in the joint may be heard, but it’s nothing to fear. A Diversified adjustment is safe, and many patients find it relaxing.

Patients will normally feel relief in just one day following an adjustment. Over time, consistent chiropractic has helped Dr. Eric’s patients prevent recurrence or significantly reduce the instances of headaches and migraines.

The Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle Support

While about 80 percent of the cases Dr. Eric sees in his practice can be attributed to misalignments in the neck, they can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies and chronic dehydration. As someone who values and understands the benefits of a nutrient-dense diet, he’ll also help coach patients with these types of headaches through that process of healing.

Reduce Headaches and Migraines Holistically

Chiropractic adjustments not only remove restrictions in the spine that have developed over time, like those causing your headaches and migraines, but they also create strength and stability around the area. This promotes the area’s health, building a foundation for long-term relief.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start your journey toward a future without debilitating headaches and migraines!


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