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We have a reputation for excellence and thoroughness in our chiropractic approach to wellness, which allows us to enjoy success in the following areas:

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Auto Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents happen so fast that often times your body does not have time to react, or brace itself for the impact. This leaves your body and spine in a very vulnerable position and is why accidents put a tremendous amount of stress on the spine and surrounding soft tissues.

During the moments of impact, the jarring of your head and neck is what leads to whiplash, the most common injury seen during a motor vehicle accident. What a lot of people do not understand is that it can take days, weeks or even months for symptoms of whiplash to manifest. Read more»

Sports Injuries

When it comes to sports injury prevention and recovery, Seim Chiropractic and Wellness takes an active approach. Whether you are an elite athlete or someone striving for an active lifestyle, regular chiropractic care is essential.

Regular adjustments will help to maintain (and often improve) range of motion, as well as ensure proper joint function. This will lead to fewer injuries, faster recovery time, and ultimately, better performance. In order to speed recovery time or prevent these types of injuries altogether, we take a proactive approach. Read more»


You are what you eat, and the ability to regain and maintain your health is also affected by your eating and drinking habits. We offer several forms of nutritional assistance, including supplementation, dietary counseling, cleansing and detoxification programs, as well as weight loss guidance.

Our tools and expertise help us to address even the toughest cases. Our office is friendly and accommodating, and children and adults alike love our care. If you’re hurting, we can help. Schedule an appointment today!

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